Elliott Lee-Pipps - Lab Assistant at LabPlay Studio, a design thinking and research company in Birmingham

Elliott Lee-Pipps

lab assistant, wellbeing & Master builder

We don't do Customer Services representatives, we do Well-Being, so Elliott's job is to ensure the well-being of our clients, customers and users to ensure they have the best possible experience.

Elliott's role as Master Builder involves serious-play, as he Imagines, Solves, Builds and Leads in the construction of brick-based projects (aka Lego).

Carey Burke is the senior innovation and design thinking at LabPlay Studio Lab Play offering the best in Service Design, Management Consultancy and Brand Development

Carey Burke


As Lead Consultant Carey oversees the smooth completion of projects from the creation of the Design Brief, from Need-finding and Discovery to Testing and Implementation.

Skilled in Innovation, Design Thinking, Strategic Development, Analysis, Project Management and Service Design, Carey has a strong  professional background of working with Social Enterprises, Public and Private sector organisations.

Carey's work in the higher education industry means he has a diverse skill set that includes Research, Public Policy and International Relations.     

Olive Burke - Director and Senior Consultant at LabPlay Studio, a design thinking and research company in Birmingham

Olive Burke


Olive manages and coordinates all of our programmes. Whether it's training, engagement or delivery, Olive is our go to for the daily running of LabPlay Studio.

Skilled in Visual Communication, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Project Management, Olive has a strong professional background of getting things done.

Olive’s background includes understanding how customers interact with organisations, ideation and communicating designs effectively. Olive is committed to solving problems and influencing change in a manner that enhances and benefits the society.

Ghie profile picture v2.jpg

Ghie Berry


With 20+ years of successful Business Development experience, Ghie has built, led and trained both internal and external sales/ marketing teams in SME and Enterprise environments. 

As a management consultant and strategic adviser, Ghie is an effective problem solver with a highly entrepreneurial mindset in leading organisational change. Ghie is a cross-functional leader with experience in a diverse range of sectors. 

Lucas Karemo - Digital Consultant at LabPlay Studio, a design thinking and research company in Birmingham

Lucas Karemo

digital Consultant

As a Google Team Leader, Digital Trainer and Business Coach, Lucas oversees much of LabPlay Studio's Digital, SEO and Social Media work.

From digital skills training and consultancy, managed systems including creating websites, and iOS and Android applications that are simple to update, maintain and extend - Lucas helps your brand by connecting you with your customers in their own time.

Fraser Ntukula - Consultant at LabPlay Studio, a design thinking and research company in Birmingham

Fraser Ntukula

creative consultant

Oversees design and visual communication solutions in animation, short film, 3D modelling and VFX.

Whether it’s the production of games, educational videos and television commercials, or even highly advanced internal or external presentations Fraser is a highly-skilled designer.

Fraser's role involves but is not limited to, scheduling, story-boarding, creating illustration, modelling, texturing, design, animating, directing and interactivity.