Human-Centred and User-Centred Design Research –LabPlay Studio’s Design Thinking includes Qualitative Research, Action-based Research, Evaluation and Market Research to improve the user experience in Birmingham. LabPlay Studio

As both consultants and social-scientists, we always seek to uncover the relationship between people, things and places, and how we can design services, products or policies that make a positive impact. 

Our focus on research and innovation, the reasons why individuals think and behave as they do enables us to better consider their attitudes, feelings and experiences when understanding their needs and imaging the appropriate interventions or solutions. Whether we are providing impact assessments, market research, customer insights, policy or programme evaluation, we work with private, public and third sector organisations by delivering robust qualitative research.

LabPlay Studio uses a full range of methods when working with clients, partners and participants, this enables us to come up with research that produces a positive impact, outputs or outcomes for organisations and their users.

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