LabPlay Studio Case Study - Brand Strategy, Strategic Development, Service and Organisational Change. Lab Play Studio Design Thinking Birmingham.

Premier Linguistic Services

LabPlay Studio Case Study: Premier Linguistic Services, Service Blueprint Design, Brand Strategy, Brand Development and Process Design

LabPlay Studio worked with Premier Linguistic Services to improve the quality of the service delivery and brand strategy by redefining their users’ experience using human-centred design. Our design thinking goal aimed to reduce internal and external errors through the development of new effective processes that increased productivity, saved money and encouraged innovative behaviour amongst teams.

We sought to achieve competitive advantage by reducing pain-points and seeking to add value at various user touch-points to increase recruitment, retention and bookings through new innovations.

Challenge: " increase the recruitment of interpreters, enhance website and web presence, and win more public sector tenders".

PLS is an interpreting and translation company that provides a range of services to the private and public sector. PLS’s services offer to interpret, translate or transcribe over 150 different languages for their clients or users.

While PLS provides services for the private sector, the nature of the industry is largely rooted in the public sector due to the need to understand, disseminate or communicate with a range of people from diverse backgrounds. As a result, there is a continuous demand from the public sector for translation or interpretation to assist with police investigations and legal reports, or medical conversations, care and support services for example.

Approach: What works?

Using our Design Thinking framework, LabPlay Studio reviewed PLS’ core processes with the executive and teams to understand the root factors of organisational challenges and to understand how the internal and external user experience could be improved and enhanced.

By practically focusing on what works, what meets PLS’ users’ unmet needs and organisational objectives, we were able to address a range of issues, which included the need to recruit and retain reliable interpreters and translators, the need to improve the quality and value of services, and reducing complex processes and overburdened roles for example.

Using Service Blueprint Design, the consultancy generated a simplified set of business processes that reduced financial errors, led to an integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, improved business functions, also led to brand development and challenged organisational thinking.

Outcome: Consolidated CRM systems and redesigned working practices, service design and implementation of new business processes, and brand development that influenced website redesign.

The newly created business processes and CRM system saved time by reducing the number of internal errors and mistakes, and as a result, increased the productivity and efficiency of teams within PLS. By customising the internal users’ experience, LabPlay Studio used Design Thinking to ease workloads whereby teams and staff now have time to collaborate and work collectively.

The modification of working practices was aligned with service improvements and adding value along users’ journeys to simplify the implementation, management and delivery of the innovative solutions. LabPlay Studio created additional value by discovering areas for growth and cultivating a creative pipeline of innovations to be implemented PLS to ensure continuous improvement after the consultation.

I was so surprised at how effective this process has been, it has really enabled me to understand the needs of the business as a whole…
— Ines Houidi, Managing Director Premier Linguistic Services