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Wesleyan Financial Services

LabPlay Studio Case Study: Creatives Academies Network - Brand Strategy, Brand Development and Service Design.

We helped Wesleyan Financial services to embed an innovative culture and practices within the organisation through the exploration of new working practices and new forms of acquisition. We worked with the newly formed Innovation and Insights team to explore a number of strategic questions in order to design a service and strategy to achieve organisational goals.

Challenge: " design and develop innovative ways of working, and to expand the customer base through the creation of potential opportunities”.

Wesleyan Financial Services provides a number of financial products ranging from investments and savings to insurance, pensions and mortgages. The Wesleyan operates across the United Kingdom and offers advice to select professional groups such as GPs, teachers and lawyers for example.

The financial industry is a rapidly changing sector that faces the disruptive influence of FinTech and challenger banks, for that reason, it was necessary for the Innovation and Insights team to lead in the development of processes, services and products that benefit internal and external customers.

As a result, it was vital for Wesleyan Financial Services to increase management capabilities, and learn new innovative methods to enhance the customer experience (CX) and the user experience (UX), to gain additional insights and tools to achieve growth and nurture new business.

Approach: Action based learning.

The Design Sprint lasted for three days and involved an interdisciplinary team made up of management, the insights team, researchers and innovation professionals.

While we delivered the Design Sprint, also we provided design thinking training to the Innovation and Insights team to demonstrate its practical application while generating ideas, opportunities and potential initiatives for our specific challenge.

We worked collaboratively to define the problem, assess the need and to explore the UX/ CX touchpoints to create indispensable insightful intelligence.

The future thinking nature of our Design Sprints ensured that our approach was forward thinking, reliable and engaged with hearts and minds, and the human-centric nature of service design made sure we focused on the excellent delivery of things that make a difference.

During the prototyping and testing stages we designed new internal services to support business propositions, business integration and the scalability process.

Wesleyan Service Design with LabPlay Studio in Birmingham

Process Mapping


Outcome: New internal services and processes that encourage better innovation management throughout the organisation, new working practices to support individual innovations.

The Innovation and Insight team’s internal processes were redesigned to reduce the failure rate and increase the adoption of across the broader organisation. The new service design streamlined the process of collecting and working on potential opportunities for their markets, customers and future plans.

The strategic development of the Wesleyans services also redefined the assessment process to measure the benefits and feasibility of innovations against strict criteria. As a result, this has increased productivity, while improving service delivery and has accelerated the Wesleyan’s speed to market.

The new processes have started a cultural shift in the organisation, encouraged the sharing of ideas and information across business functions in a way that saves time, money and resources, and can be validated by increased departmental participation.

The Wesleyan fully employed the new service design and continued to explore the other innovations that were produced but fell outside of the Design Sprints design brief in order to enhance the products and services they offer their clients.

One of the best things about the Design Sprint is that it forced us to think differently. It offered an entirely different approach, which allows you to see possible solutions where they didn’t exist previously.
— Chris Walker, Marketing Data & Insights Manager Wesleyan Financial Services