Human and user-centred design training

Our innovation training courses offer an in-depth understanding of Design Thinking processes. They will ground you in the needs of the people you are creating for by empathising with their behaviours and needs. Our innovative training courses will help you frame challenges and enable you to see them from a different perspective, and acts as a starting point for human-centred innovation.


LabPlay Studio offers pioneering innovation training in human-centred design and user-centred design using Design Thinking. Lab Play Studio offers innovative training course in Birmingham.

Design Thinking

This training course introduces individuals, managers and leaders to the concepts of the design thinking process and offers a tried-and-tested human-centred approach to creative problem-solving. Through case studies, practical activities and rapid prototyping you'll walk away with a knowledge of how design thinking works and how to apply these tools as a problem-solving approach.

Whether it's professionally or personally, our design thinking course provides you with the tools you need to become an innovative thinker, understand problems differently and uncover creative opportunities that you haven’t see yet. Our Design Thinking training is the first step in unlocking your creative potential and enhancing your users’ experience.

Module Includes:

  • What is Design Thinking.

  • Innovative thinking by understanding people’s needs.

  • Ideas generation for innovative solutions.

  • Experimentation.

course Details

Level - Foundation

Duration - 1 Day

Cost - Individual and group prices available on request

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LabPlay Studio offers pioneering training in Design Thinking. We assist in the development of your workforce by training individuals, teams and leaders in creativity, innovation and ideas to help organisations. Lab Play Studio offers innovative leadership training in Birmingham in human-centred design and user-centred design.

Develop your innovation practice

In this course, you’ll learn methods to scale creativity and innovative practices within your teams and create change through influence rather than authority. Whether you’re hoping to shift the culture of your team, organisation, community, or beyond, the tools learnt on this course will offer you a universal approach to achieving cultural change.

You will learn the common barriers to success and how to position your organisation to overcome them through strategic thinking and strategic alignment. By the end of this course, you will learn how to approach organisational challenges from a fresh perspective, achieve growth or competitive advantage, and develop innovative human-centred solutions.

Module Includes:

  • Unlock your curiosity, discover how to observe others for actionable insights.

  • Framing of hard to solve problems.

  • Generating innovative ideas with Design Thinking.

  • Communicating your ideas effectively.

  • Effective application of ideation techniques.

  • Empower others in your organisation to co-create and use design thinking.

course Details

Level - Advanced

Duration - 2 Days

Cost - Individual and group prices available on request

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LabPlay Studio offers bespoke training in Design Thinking in Birmingham in human-centred design and user-centred design.

Bespoke Training

No matter what industry you’re in or no matter where you sit in an organisation change comes from people, and creative people are your greatest asset. Whether its ideation, insights or learning how to communicate powerful narratives, our focus on creating better user experiences allows you to uniquely address challenges within the organisation.

You can tailor any of our innovation or design thinking training courses for specifically for your organisation and let us deliver a bespoke training, which can help you to adopt a human-centred and user-centred approach to creating innovative change.

An organisation’s ability to learn, and translating that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.
— Jack Welsh
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