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LabPlay Studio understands that organisations often need to change and adapt its working practices, methods or aims to deal with new situations, markets or truly address their users’ needs.

We recognise that both organisational growth and stagnation can develop into multi-layered operations, strategies and services that lead to fragmented experiences, siloed teams and broken processes. We take a holistic approach to achieving organisational change when fixing a process, policy or service just won’t do, and a shift cultural shift is needed to gain a competitive edge. 

At LabPlay Studio we focus on the cause of the illness not the symptoms, we identify priority themes for improvement, perform analysis of the operational impact and plan for organisational and cultural change. Our design thinking approach is cost-effective, fast and creates better user experiences for customers and employees, first, by focusing on cultivating best practices and policies, and then enriching new cultures through system change. 


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Case Study

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