LabPlay Studio Case Study - Brand Strategy, Strategic Development, Service and Organisational Change. Lab Play Studio Birmingham.

Creative Academies Network

LabPlay Studio Case Study: Creatives Academies Network - Brand Strategy, Brand Development and Service Design.

We helped Creative Academies Network to reposition their organisation to better respond to the needs of the region and their service users through strategic brand development. We worked collaboratively with CAN to understand their organisational needs and design a strategy to make the charities vision a reality while promoting an organisational shift.

Challenge: "...the need to empower the team to be part of the entire design process so they 'own' the organisational vision and innovatively direct the brand". 

CAN provides services for a range of clients, however, their core users are children, young people and families. Work is undertaken in one of the most deprived regions in the United Kingdom, through the delivery of services, and offering support at a local and regional level.

Therefore it is extremely important to ensure that the organisation and teams are in the best position to positively impact on the lives of young people and vulnerable groups. As a result, the strategic development of CAN was key to transforming the organisational culture in way that fulfilled their users’ and stakeholders needs.

Approach: What if?

Over a number of weeks, we worked with CANs leadership team to understand their organisational structure, identified opportunities and threats, and mapped the internal journeys involved in delivering services. The consultation explored how to enhance the experience of CANs targets users while contributing to and encouraging cultural change across the sector and region. We co-designed a human-centred blueprint that enabled CAN to strategical connect to people, places, partnerships and policy to support and develop the Midlands.

Outcome: improved working practices, organisational capabilities and services that deliver added value to CANs users and stakeholders.

Roles were designed to empower the staff at all levels of the organisation and encourage collaboration. Each role was modelled on an innovative framework to deliver services designed to promote an excellent user experience and engender social change.

Using our Design Thinking framework, LabPlay Studio’s reinterpretation of processes, roles and the improved delivery of services has promoted organisational learning, individual innovations and increased productivity. CANs improved and newly designed services for children, young people and families’ and their stakeholders have been enhanced both directly and indirectly through user experience design, and is demonstrated through increased engagement and participation.

With commitment CAN has continued to implement all of our recommendations for strategic and brand development, and is using to use their Cultural leadership for the advocacy young people and the advancement of art, culture and heritage throughout the Black Country.

An insightful and creative method to developing a strategy and model for repositioning the organisation. Creative Academies is focused on becoming bigger better and bolder, and being able to grow the organisation in a way that benefits our users and the wider community.
— Jerrel Jackson, CEO Creative Academies