Using creativity and analytical thinking to design products, services and strategies that meet the need of human centred experiences.


Through collaboration and co-design we go on a journey together. By understanding where you are and where you want to go, and the behaviour of your users, we create radical and incremental innovations. We realise that for organisations, innovating, achieving growth, creating impact or simply just solving problems can be challenging. However, we use a consultative interdisciplinary design-led approach, which is engaging, fun and produces transformational ideas, solutions and policies that enhance your customers’ experience. 


LabPlay Studio Design Thinking Services - Strategic Services, Product and Brand Development Strategy and Policy Design in Birmingham. Lab Play Studio

Strategic Services | Product & Brand Development | Strategy & Policy Design

LabPlay Studio's Innovation Services - Design Thinking, Problem Solving, Creativity and Ideation in Birmingham. Lab Play Studio

Design Thinking | Problem Solving | Ideation

LabPlay Studio's Insight Services - UX, User Experience, Research Consultations, Customer Insights, Qualitative Research in Birmingham. Lab Play Studio

Research | Consultations | Customer Insights

Move fast. Fail Fast. Test Things. Break Things. Repeat.


Whether you outsource your problems and innovative needs to LabPlay Studio, or we provide you with our pioneering training, we take a positive approach to failure and risk that delivers value for you and your customers’ specific needs.




Full service, creative, research and change by design

Using our creative agency, we provide a full service to achieve business growth, competitive advantage, and differentiation by offering unique solutions for our clients. Whether it is service design, product design or policy design, we are experienced in using design-based research, practices and multidisciplinary techniques to benefit your customers. 


Training Sessions

level up with creative confidence

We can help your in-house team to level up and upskill by embedding innovative ways of working, thinking and doing that can promote organisational and cultural change. Using co-learning and action-based learning that aids teamwork, abduction and critical analysis, we offer a range of solutions to tackle complex problems or that enhance the internal capability of businesses and organisational learning.

LabPlay Studio offers Ideation and Design Sprint Workshops in Innovation and Design Thinking that enhances creativity, brainstorming. Our design thinking approach and processes creates ideas and Solutions in Birmingham. Lab Play Studio

Design Sprints – Workshops

the art of innovation using designerly thinking

We offer Design Sprints that cover multiple aspects of the Design Thinking and Innovation cycle. We work fast and at speed with our clients collaboratively, while our design thinking methods aid visualisation, creativity and proposition development. Our exciting Design Sprints are designed to add value to the user experience by explicitly addressing both your business and customers’ needs.


Introducing new ways of working, new ways of thinking, new ways of doing.


More than just a traditional management consultancy, creative agency or research company, we take a holistic approach to consultancy and action-based research with serious play that stimulates creative growth, engagement, visualisation and ideas - making the everyday journey extraordinary.